It’s spring


The evening stars have appeared and shadows move as the moon brightens the night. Soft, warm breezes flow through an open window while the jet engines of a midnight flight roar overhead. All day the a/c has been off. It’s spring. Afternoons of a lazy sun gave way to an evening of whispers by candlelight. The tender fresh flesh lightly scented with a mixture of honey&milk beckons the lips of a lover for a sweet taste. A little teeth, subtle force and the piercing of skin is delightful after the morning that was shared. It’s spring. What was shared this morning is something… I wanna live in… 
Over and over and over again… 
It was the teasing. The playful smiles between excited gasps and tense muscles. The elemental surprises of this mornings spring chemistry. Maybe, maybe it’s all due to the beginning of the spring equinox. The beginning. Restart. New. The rewashing of hands together this morning beneath luke warm water. Together. New. Faces so familiar only appearing different in this mornings’ sunlight. Lying together, moving together. Fresh. Bodies creating heat underneath this euphoric atmosphere of a new a love. A new us. New. Confused on who’s to give credit to this awakening of us all over again but appreciative in every way imaginable. Long laughs creating longer pauses of admiration in each other’s eyes. Creating. Following the curvature of the spine, ice drips down leaving a trail to be cleaned up by warm succulent chocolate lips. The chilling of ice against warm skin exposes the femininity of my being. But patience is virtue and we are learning amidst this phase of new. It’s spring. And what was shared this morning is something… I wanna live in…

Written March 26,2016 


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