Sometimes I wanna whisper all the things I feel when I see your face, in your ear just to make sure you never forget how warm the sun feels against bare skin… When we…. That afternoon… Well you know what we did… I miss the fullness. The satisfaction that reached all the way through me… 
Do you still think of me, the way I still think of you? 
There are doors we shouldn’t open but the body never lies… The chemistry was magnetic. 
How did you know?
How did you know my body? 
Understanding the curvatures and positions. Your words. Your lips. 
My dear, my nights are still haunted by the darkness of your skin. 
And at night I just wanna be devoured by the depths of a midnight sky. 
But you’re nowhere to be found. 
Restless nights. Afternoons. 
Until we move again… This is how I’ll speak to you.

Written July 19,2016


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