Womanly advice, heed twice. 


I don’t know much about love&men my sweet honey bee, but I know enough to warn you. If a man tells you he has issues of trusting his own mother, what makes you think you could ever be enough woman for him? The complexities lie in the relationship between child and mother. What role will you attempt to take? Fantasies are dangerous my sweetness, you can play with fire for only so long. I know in your heart, in your womanly heart, that’s it nature to nurture broken men. Watching the women you’ve looked up to waste time on men they’ve created. It’s not up to the woman to raise a man, especially if the distrust lies in his foundation of life. But what responsibility of it is yours? The sooner you figure out the answer, the sooner the fantasies will fade. Don’t tempt the angels who’ve been guiding you along a safe route to love, to leave you stranded and confused. Don’t believe in what you can’t understand. When the verbiage begins with a man explaining why  a woman has earned him, beware. Pretty words are just that. A man with a heart of stone has no home for the woman you are. Think twice before you step up to this man. Think twice my sweet honey bee. Think twice.

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