Unclear thoughts on paths in life. 


As you begin to come into womanhood, you soon realize who is for what and what is for who. 
Why does anyone think anything is owed to them? Belonging and deserving are words used by the scorned. The heighten pain from our thoughts of mistakes, replaying nights of regret. Why did we ever think we were made for each other? What contributions did we add to our lives as lovers, besides warm nights? There’s a happiness in this world that secret meetings between sheets would have never been given. It’s not enough to pretend to be the sand man. Building dreams with structures don’t made to weather any type of storm. We speak in the language of torment and sadness as if our worlds were supposed to combine. Why did we believe the mistake was us not making it? Why not the mistake of us believing that we would? When the paths crossed, we held secrets deeply with minimal words of truth divulged. For reasons, for seasons many years passed by without questionable knowledge of what we both held. For what? To ruin a mental fantasy we both desperately needed? The job was to learn and heighten the senses. Making ourselves more aware of what is to come after this rendezvous finally ended. The mistake was not us making a life together but believing that we were supposed to.

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