I’ll say a little prayer for you… 


Written: July 16,2013

Appreciation in the most sincere form is beautiful. 
Too much trust I put in people. 
Because I believe in people. 
The good in people radiate, have you ever noticed? 
In a world full of cruelty and sadness, have you ever noticed the ability that some people posess to still be able to smile and bring joy to others? 
We can’t always focus on the negativity in the world. 
This world was never ours to begin with. 
The closer I get to reconnecting with my faith, the happier I’m becoming. 
It’s the most fulfilling feeling I’ve ever experienced. 
I radiate and my spirit can be felt. 
I can’t and will not apologize for believing in people the way I do. 
I remember praying and asking the most high to allow me to see the good in people. 
I remember praying for a change in my spirit. 
Ad soon as I opened my heart and my mind, this world, this life became clearer to me. 
It’s hard to get here, I understand but I pray one day that you’ll too get to experience this unconditional love I have. 
This compassion. 
This appreciation for those who still manage to keep smiles on others faces amidst the world’s tragedies. 
I still believe in people.

Whole heartedly. 

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