I believe in life. I believe in love. Without love, what’s really a life? I am fascinated by the relationships we build and the relationship we destroy. With sex being a such an influence in our lives, such a motivator; it only feels right for me to explore sexuality through vivid words and strategically placed sentences. I love being a woman who owns her sexuality. Who has rediscovered the beauty of sex.  The combination of sex&art is something I aim to capture. With a goal of becoming a LMFT with a certificate in sex therapy and couples counseling, this just fits. It feels good. My writing is constantly evolving and I am loving the visual growth in each word. There’s beauty in the dynamics of a sexual relationship, I believe somewhere along the way we have lost the art of seduction and desire; to fully lust for your lover/spouse/significant other. It’s all art. Hopefully, through words… possibly.. maybe you can see the beauty too.