Diary entry: 8/25/17


Perfectly polished rose gold glitter nails against the erected darkened flesh is, without a doubt, something to marvel at. Reflecting candlelight from around the room, the skin dances in delight. Soft colors of pink,blue, hints of yellow created by the flickering light cascading downward to where true desire lies. The position of hunger sets heavily on tender lips. It’s devouring, the sensation of wetness and warmth combining to produce the elixir of passion. What lies in a name during these moments you ask? Power, my dear, power.


Museum of Sex


July is my birthday month. I've finally gotten into the hang of celebrating myself the way I want. Last year was Hawaii, this year it was New York. It was cool, I guess, I really wasn't that thrilled to be honest. It was raining on my birthday which dampened my mood (you see what I did there lmao, I'm clever) and I just wanted to be elsewhere. So, I made the best out of it and found the Museum of Sex!!! Again, if you're following this blog this really shouldn't be a surprise. Last month I was in Miami visiting the WEAM (World Erotic Art Museum) and this month I'm in New York in a tity bounce house! Awesome! This museum was cool, it was more vintage items. It had art. It was about 4 stories of sex and art. The tity bounce house was amazing! I bounced around on some tits. Happy birthday to me! Hell yea! Anyways, again, another museum you should visit with your partner. I wasn't as aroused as I was in Miami but it was cool. I made a video and got some pictures. This needs to be experienced as well. Pretty interesting. I love my museum trips!



Perfect posture. 
Straight and strong. 
Firm to the touch. 
I like to stare. 
Stuck in awe. 
There’s power in his strength. 
The way knees bend and lips moisten. 
I find myself doing whatever to keep him standing. 
I crave his attention. 
Mouthing a language but not one that is heard. 
Circular motions. 
Teeth piercing the soft flesh as eyes close. 
Anything to keep him, present. 
Tracing lines inside. 
So much strength I hold between lips. 
With hands keeping rhythm. 
Hands and kisses, I finally hear words. 
Wanting nothing more than warmth spread across my face. 
I maintain steady pace despite firm grips against my neck. 
I wanna be ready to receive. 
To drink. 
To feel full as he empties. 
Covering every taste bud. 
Smiles given in appreciation. 
I love when salutatio

Written January 18,2016